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Katherine Wood at a glance

Has a bachelor degree in Fine Arts (South Africa)


Professional artist since 2002 (20 years)

Invited to exhibit at 2008 Beijing Olympics


Art International's Artist of the month, Nov 2008

Exhibited at New York Art Expo in 2016.


Opened her own Signature Galleries in South Africa 2004 as well as in Australia in 2018. Now spends time between her home in Queensland, Australia and Knysna, South Africa.


Numerous group and solo exhibitions

incl. London, Dubai, New York, Sydney, Brisbane, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban to name a few




A bit more detail ..........

Date of Birth: 10 January 1975


Graduated with a BA (Fine Arts) from Stellenbosch University in 1997


Travelled and studied in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1999


Travelled and studied in Melbourne, Australia in 2000


Returned to South Africa in 2001 and got married to Duncan, in 2002.  Opened an art gallery called 'Klarity' in Observatory, Cape Town in 2002 where she managed and promoted young, promising artists.  Curatored a show with over 100 artists throughout the streets of Observatory in 2003.  After starting to paint again in 2002 and showing her own work in her 'Klarity' gallery, Katherine soon realised her work was in demand and sold her gallery to concentrate on producing more works and supplying agents throughout South Africa. 


In 2004, after numerous successful solo and group shows, Katherine and her husband decided to move to the coastal town of Knysna and open her signature gallery, Katherine Wood Fine Art.  Duncan became her full time manager and ran and promoted Katherine works both throughout her gallery, and her agents worldwide.  The gallery still runs today, however in 2012, Katherine and Duncan decided to move to Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia for Katherine to service her growing market in Australia.  In 2018 Katherine opened her second signature gallery in Montville, Queensland.  She now spends time between both Australia and South Africa servicing her agents worldwide as well as her busy signature galleries in South Africa and Australia.


Katherine's work forms part of private and corporate collections in all corners of the world.



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